Get Your Game Off

Albany youth win support to help gaming addicts and are ready to get their game on ...

Albany has scored an exciting first-of-its-kind project to help young people with problem and addictive gaming. In June the WA Department of Communities awarded us support to deliver an innovative program called Get Your Game Off, which is aimed at assisting youth aged 10 to 18 who are struggling with managing their gaming. 

So far 800 local students have been involved in interactive and educational one hour information session about gaming. These sessions help young people understand how and why gaming can be so addictive, and the effects it can have on relationships and school work. 

The program was the brainchild of a young gamer who recognized that gaming was having a huge negative impact on her life and relationships ... but she wasn’t alone in that. Youth working at Young Harvest agreed it was a looming isue for them and their peers. And so Get Your Game Off was conceived!

Not only did young people need to know more about gaming, but they also needed the tools to help them manage their gaming. And the best part of the project is it has been designed by young people, reserached by young people, is delivered by young people ... so it's relatable and contemporary - right down to the theme music and graphics. 



How Get Your Game Off works is unique and we like to keep gamers guessing!

You have to join in live to get your tricks and tools to defeat your problem gaming!


If you would like more information about this topic or to book

your school in for an information session,

please contact Nicolette Mulcahy at 9842 9399