Young Harvest was an Empowering Youth Initiatives Round 1 project funded by the Commonwealth Department of Jobs & Small Business.


BreakthruWA was the recipient of one of only 19 innovative project awarded nationally in 2016. These projects were aimed at finding new and more effective ways to support regional and rural youth-at-risk of long term unemployment. Young Harvest was based in Albany and proved itself to be a ground-breaking initiative which changed and improved the employment prospects for young people living in regional WA. Over the two year trial period the project provided valuable knowledge to the sector about how to support youth at-risk of long term unemployment.

Young Harvest was a social enterprise system supporting young people struggling to find and sustain meaningful employment. The project offered young people:

  • Casual employment in a real farming enterprise;

  • Working in a team alongside other young people;

  • Mentoring by professionals with relevant farming and beekeeping skills;

  • Development sessions designed to empower youth and help them discover their individual, personal and professional attributes


Participants were given ownership of the enterprises and the opportunity to make decisions about sales, marketing, how they farmed and their business ethics.


The Young Harvest Pilot closed on 1 June, 2018 and it is no longer possible to apply to join Young Harvest. 

We hope to be able to provide similar if not better support to young people in the near future, given the enormous demand for the service we provided and the outcomes it produced for participants. 

Please stay tuned into this site for further updates. 

The Support We Offered

  • One to one support / mentoring with a Young Harvest team member to help young people set and work toward their employment goals and eliminating barriers to employment

  • We deliver interesting group interactions to encourage young people to develop work place and life skills

  • Transport to help participants get to us, to attend our work sites and field excursions, and

  • Individually tailored planning to identify and address specific employment barriers

How do we do it?

Firstly we listened to our community and to Young Harvest participants and responded to their needs ...


Then we worked collaboratively with other services to help support young people by filling gaps in service provision ...


And most importnatly, we delivered practical life and work experiences that provided young people the opportunity to develop the important interpersonal skills which employers are looking for in employees; such as resilience, teamwork, punctuality and self-confidence! 

Then we worked really hard on behalf of Young Harvesters to identify genuine and lasting employment opportunities ... We continue to be in touch with all of our participants and help them follow up on their progress. All are welcome to continue to visit our offices and seek help and guidance with their employment aspirations.  

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